Posts 2022-10-29


As you all know, I try to be very discerning about what I promote on this account- I only rep things I actually use! So when I met Travis of Pattern Life at @womeninmedicinesummit and he brought up potentially working together to help spread word of their services, I was intrigued.

The thing about working in healthcare is that you get used to seeing people face the unimaginable. I stopped feeling invincible after my first year of residency, watching people my age and younger receive devastating diagnoses. I’ve known for a long time that disability insurance was something I needed to invest in– but I felt paralyzed by the options. I didn’t know where to start.

Pattern Life is a FREE SERVICE. FREE.99. They focus specifically on linking physicians with disability and life insurance policies, and are paid by the insurance companies for their referral. That means that there’s NOTHING stopping you from signing up for one of their sessions to learn more about disability insurance/ get quotes! I learned so much from my session with Andrew, and will be signing up this week. I’m also planning to do an instagram live at some point with Andrew to answer any questions y’all might have about disability insurance!

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