Posts 2022-10-26


The relationship I have with these two is, to many onlookers, unusual. I call @linnliu and @toshibaiinu my best friends, but the truth is, we’re a bit more than that. It’s why Linda and I jokingly call each other our platonic soulmates, why when CJ is asked whether I’m his friend, he’ll usually go on about how our relationship has taken on different forms across our many incarnations but we’re definitely siblings in at least two. Truth is : I wouldn’t be who I am without these two. This page wouldn’t exist; I wouldn’t have had the courage to make it. I might not even have had the fortitude & foresight to recognize the man who would become my incredible husband, because I wouldn’t have experienced what it meant to be loved unconditionally. They’re the family I chose (and that our families have accepted back), and I’m so lucky to be part of their story. Hope you two doofuses live happily ever after and whatnot.💕💕💕

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