Posts 2022-11-02


I am so proud of this drawing which is why I’m gonna post it a million times. I haven’t drawn anything non shirlywhirl in months. Truly in forever. I normally draw my characters before I write them, so this felt like a reversal of my creative process, and it was making me batty. I tried looking for someone who looked like Mal (one of the MCs) & came up empty…. So I said screw it and tried my hand at realism for the first time in a while.

And y’all this man does not exist anywhere but in my head but he feels SO REAL now! Especially with the help of the @app_revive (which provided the eerie animation lol).

And yes, this is one of the visuals from @boburnham ‘s “White Woman’s Instagram.” The piece I referenced is via @likelihood_art , who I’m obsessed with. Will Smith is just there to help me with colors 😂

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