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CW: transphobia

This popped off on Twitter, which made me glad (others feeling emboldened to protect trans lives) & also annoyed (TERFs & other bigots crop dusting my mentions).

I like healthy discourse, but there are some things I refuse to “debate.” One of them is the right for #trans/ #genderqueer people to be able to exist in society with dignity and without fear of violence. As a cis person, aiding this is as easy as respecting a person’s gender identity. Doing this is life saving and affirming, and costs NOTHING (imagine how often we can say that? That having compassion/ understanding -> saving a life?) And if you claim to be a feminist/ womanist, your rhetoric is meaningless to me if you do not include trans women - who by and large face AMPLIFIED versions of the misogynistic violence we are subjected to.

As healthcare workers, we can function as gatekeepers for trans people to receive equitable and appropriate care. Unfortunately, we don’t get taught much about trans specific healthcare in medical school, and so I’ve been making a conscious effort to learn.

A reminder that this account is an inclusive space, and honestly, questioning the “validity” trans identity is a blockable offense for me. Follow accounts like @alokvmenon (who does an incredible series on queer history, demonstrating that the trans experience is a human experience & just how new & Western transphobia truly is), @queersurgeon, @dr_ronx , @ughkevo, @inclusivecareproject to learn more. Be open minded, assess why you may feel that your discomfort trumps someone’s safety, & question what you have been taught regarding gender roles & binaries. You might be shocked by how much it frees you.

#transphobia #transmisogyny #healthcareisahumanright #humanism #compassion #transhealthcare

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