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Honestly, this doesn’t even feel real. It didn’t feel real when I first signed with my agent @helmliterary, it didn’t feel real when I got the phone call that Lucia Macro(!!!!) at William Morrow/ Harper Collins (!!!!!!!!) loved my book, and it certainly didn’t feel real when I signed the contract and accepted the offer. And now this brainchild of mine, conceived in my third year of med school after Juno Diaz reminded me that it was okay to write about people who were like me, typed furiously on my Google Docs app during 28s in the MICU, and then eventually finished during my alternating weeks off in the COVID ICU… will be available in hardcover and audiobook in Summer 2022.

I have so many people I want to thank. My parents, who have always reminded me that yes, I CAN do it all, my fiancé, to whom I’ve read this book out loud multiple times between revisions, who loves lil ol erratic overwhelmed me. to @linnliu and @neftieboni , who have been my beta readers, editors, and confidants through this entire process, to @shrutipatel , who literally read my revision live and offered feedback, to @rissyyriss_ , my writing big sis, whose suggestions/ thoughts / guidance honestly have made this book about 3x better than it was at its conception. To @vela9143 and the late Tony Montag, who were two of the only people for a long time within academic medicine to see my art and writing as a boon to the field rather than that cute thing I did on the side. To every one of my close friends who offered encouragement when I was whining about the process of being “on sub” (it’s worse than Match). And finally to all of you, who shared my initial pitch, have given me the courage to share my innermost thoughts, who have leaned into my vulnerability and quirkiness and reminded me that not fitting the mold is a good thing.

So. Without further ado— I give you, ON ROTATION. (Available for preorder in the fall!) #bookstagram #debutauthor #writing #onrotation #medschool #medicalschool #books

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