Posts 2020-10-15


As some of you know, I finished my book recently. I always have a hard time describing what’s it’s about when people ask. So… I decided to tell you all in a medium that I know well! This way, next time someone asks, I’ll just send them this link 😅

I wanted to do a few things with this story: 1- write about a black girl falling in love without a backdrop of tragedy 2- capture the medical school experience 3- write a fleshed out love interest who is also a POC and 4- the modern millennial dating experience (which, um… sucks lol). I really am proud of ON ROTATION, and my lovely agent @helmliterary and I are talking to editors about the manuscript now!

Let me know what you think! If this pitch is appealing to you, please go to my stories to learn more about the characters / my writing process/ and vote in my poll 🥰

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