Posts 2021-04-09


All right y’all. COVID season did a number on my workout routine, and recently I decided that I need to go back to treating my body right. I also realized that my workout clothes are getting raggedy. I peeped all these @fabletics fits on my feed and said— ya know what, let me cop. As usual, I will only give y’all my most honest reviews!

I picked the Lead set cuz it was cute. I sized up - got the L in bra, the jacket and XL In the leggings (I’m a 34D, US 8 on top 12 on bottom for reference.) Then I took this bad boy for a 2 mile run (well… jog/ walk. I’m working on it.)

Thoughts - the bra is surprisingly supportive ! Even with the boob window! The jacket also shockingly didn’t get drenched in sweat- by the time I got home it felt like I was already dry.

The leggings gave me typical leggings problems- they’re a touch loose at the waist and so slipped when I was running. Had to yank them up as I went. They’re thick and don’t show through, though.

In general- I’m impressed. I felt cute working out, and I’m vain, so that’ll motivate me to work out some more!

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