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My first two years of med school, I was SKRONG af. I mean, there’s a video of me crushing CJ in an arm wrestling contest. Since then, however, I’ve really fallen off my fitness journey. Being a medical trainee means having inconsistent hours, and, given my additional responsibilities, am always budgeting my time…and I recently realized that I’ve been consistently deprioritizing my body at every turn.

I’m trying to change that. I changed gyms to one that I could easily drive to. I’ve been wearing workout clothes under my scrubs. I got a personal trainer. All of this has cost a pretty penny, but it’s been worth it. I’ve been even forcing myself to go during difficult rotations, like the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. (I’ve had to sacrifice sleep to make this work, so feel pretty crummy right now, but I’m determined not to lose these gains.)

I’m also trying very hard to detach my desire to exercise from the potential aesthetic results, and instead prioritize my health. Check out Life Simple’s 7 (link in story) for the AHA’s health markers for improving cardiovascular health! I ain’t never gonna make the BMI goal (have always been thicker than a snicker), but the other 6 I’m going to pursue to my best ability. We only have one body, and I’ve been trashing mine some (stares HARD at medicine for disrupting my sleep and ability to eat healthy for the last freaking decade)!

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