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🌸Using the eternal youthfulness my mother and melanin have gifted me to cosplay as a Very Hip Gen Z kid who is deeply invested in bringing back 90s baby pink and backwards caps.🌸 felt cute, probably won’t delete. 🌸

I have a lot of work to do, but I’ve decided to neglect it. Instead, I’m writing, drawing, talking to my friends, & reading my ARC of Babel. I’m also starting to work on Book 2.

I have ideas for about 3 more books basically plotted out. My original Book 2 was Cardiology related, & I realized that I wasn’t enjoying writing it because it’s currently a bit too close to home (I’ve dubbed it my post fellowship sabbatical book, and intend to write the heck out of it during a 6 month break between my graduation and getting a job.) So instead, I’ve switched focus to another story that straddles the line between Women’s Fiction and Romance. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a cast of characters!

I write with music as a rule, and so one of the first things I do when I start a new story is build a playlist that matches its vibes. The one for book 2 is rapidly underway. Writers: what do you do to get into a creative mood?

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