Posts 2022-04-15


Last summer, I went to Costa Rica for one of my closest friends’ weddings. Justin & I came back with nice tans and a renewed sense of peace, and our lovely couple returned with Rio, an adorable street kitty turned domestic hellion (slide 2, slide 1 is my fave pic of my precious baby boy) who jumped onto their raft. Many of our memories were marked by playing with the stray kitties who lingered by restaurants. we loved our trip so much that we pledged to return soon.

So when @animalloverescue reached out asking if I could share their mission, it was easy to say yes! @animalloverescue is a non-profit no-kill charitable shelter that takes care of 1200 animals (including 450 dogs, 350 cats, sheep, goats, horses & more, many of whom have medical needs.)

But the pandemic was hard on them. The shelter is funded by their hotel, Lands in Love, which unfortunately was closed during the height of COVID-19. On top of that, there’s been a surge in the number of abandoned pets who need them.

The world is rough right now, but my three kitties have brought me joy. Please consider donating to this beautiful shelter in this beautiful country! Link is in my bio! Swipe for pics of more precious babies.

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