Posts 2021-10-26


I said I would share these eventually on the main page - and today was weirdly 😩🥴 so… why not start now! Growing up, I loved #scottpilgrimvstheworld #scottpilgrim . My siblings and I watched this movie so many times that we basically have the script memorized. The soundtrack is also 🔥 - Threshold remains a banger, even after all these years. The rest of the movie aged a bit poorly imho, but it still has a place in my heart.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to do a redraw, but looking back at them makes me want to get into them again. Such good practice, and such a reliable source of dopamine! It was especially fun to come up with movie-aligned versions of my main characters (and their evil exes.)

I have a whole bunch more of these stored up- so stay tuned! #redraw #drawthisinyourstyle #blackart #blackartists #22debuts #debutauthor #onrotation #rickygutierrez #angieappiah #originalcharacter #digitalart #procreate #movieredraw

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