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Who would have thunk that there were so many healthcare workers out there who expressed themselves through comics! The field of #graphicmedicine is small but mighty ; we even have our own conferences !

Thank you Rahel @physiciandoodles for coming up with this idea, and for putting this collab together! Rahel gave us an assignment - “draw yourself as a superhero!” Despite the fact that I draw Magical Girls on a somewhat regular basis (OB-Gyn girl is loading), I found this challenge a bit difficult… until I leaned into my cardiology brain.

Time for me to need out 🤓: The pillars of treatment for heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction are called “guideline directed medical therapy.” They are called this because they are the only drugs that have been shown to reliably reduce mortality & morbidity in patients with heart failure! Over 6 million people in the US have a diagnosis of heart failure, and despite not being a super sexy diagnosis, has a 5 year mortality similar to many types of cancer! Thus, my superhero alter ego harnesses the power of the 4 classes of meds that make up #GDMT- ARNIs, Beta Blockers, SGLT2 inhibitors, and mineralacorticoid receptor antagonists. Patients who aren’t on this potent cocktail of meds have a 37% increased mortality risk over those who are! That’s huge!

Anyway, 🫀 is cool and comics are too.

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