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Whenever medical students ask me what to look for in a residency, I tell them to look for culture. I spend more time with my colleagues than I do with my fiancé, so it’s important that I actually LIKE them. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been with my lil’ cherub 👼 @nickowalz and it’s been as fun as night shift can be.

(Just so you know how similarly our brains work, the other day we had a slowish night. We were deciding which movie to pick, and I made a comment about how we needed to pick quick in case we got a “deluge” of admissions… and Nick picked 500 Days of Summer. Out of curiously, I asked him whether he picked it because I said the word “deluge,” which is a word used in the song “Apres moi” by Regina Spector, who also sings “Us” and “Hero” from the 500 Days of Summer. He was like 👁👄👁 “yes.” We been shook since lol.)

Anyway the hospital is going to be a lot less lit without us having dance parties on the way down to the ED 😢

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