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I have the firm belief that no one in the hospital is better or more valuable than anyone else. I can’t do my job without techs, nurses, Evs workers, lab, pharmacists (i have about three comics devoted to y’all that have never seen the light of day bc I haven’t quite managed to capture how much I appreciate you), etc. We all come in with our own specific sets of skills. I have four years of basic science, four years of medical school, and two years of residency, including 24 weeks of ICU, under my belt. I’m nowhere close to being done, and I still have a lot to learn. I will never claim to be right just for the sake of being right, but I’ve gotten pretty good at gauging who is sick and who is not. And I will always happily explain my reasoning for making that determination. I’ll escalate if I’m not sure of it. And y’all. I really have tried not to be petty. But when I constantly have people who don’t know that hypercarbia can be estimated on a vbg but feel the need to chastise my intern for “putting his patient and all the other patients in danger” or claim that I’m not worth listening to because I’m “only” a resident, or push me out of the way to try to give RT conflicting orders, etc- I’m gonna have to roast you. If I got rapid response nurses following me- I love some of you. I’m always happy to see you at bedside because I know we are going to have a productive interaction based on a shared interest to get the best outcome for our patient. Please collect your frands before I end up doing it for you. 😊

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