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This is based on something that actually happened a few months ago. I placed orders for a patient who was acutely ill, and was told that those orders would not be carried out. I explained my reasoning and addressed the nurse’s concerns. She refused to carry out my orders again. So I marched out of the room, and found one of my white male residents. He did not know the patient. On our walk to the room, I explained what was going on and what my plan was. He agreed with me. He walked through the door and reiterated, nearly word for word, my orders - and they were carried out without hesitation. The patient’s clinical status improved. I kept it together during the incident, but the moment I left the room I found my favorite palliative care fellow and lost it. that interaction hadn’t felt like it’d happened for better patient care- it felt like it was meant to put me in my place. And though this was the most egregious instance (and I’ve since learned to stand my ground better), it wasn’t the last. . One of my best guy friends told me about an experiment he and his senior, a chief resident, did. They went from patient room to room to update the nurses about the plan. When the chief resident gave the plan, she was questioned extensively. When my friend, a prelim, gave it, his plan was accepted immediately. . . I’m not saying that nurses shouldn’t question doctor’s orders or offer suggestions. They absolutely should! But I have observed and been myself in multiple situations where a woman and especially a woman of colors’ plan has been torn apart in front of patients. And given how effectively I and others have found that we can dispel this simply by packaging the messenger in different person suit, I’d say it’s likely coming from bias. And it’s something we need to do better about- because dang it, I’m as much of a doctor as anyone else!! . . #procreate #illustration #webcomic #healthcare #resident #intern #inpatient #doctor #relatable #womeninmedicine #blackdoctors #graphicmedicine #premed #premedmotivation #residency #internalmedicine #medschool #medicine #medicalschool #medlife #md #medstudent #nurse #physician

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