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M is for medical students.

I remember being a third year medical student. It was the worst. I tell all of my medical students that I would rather repeat intern year than be a third year medical student again, and I mean it. You never know where you stand or how you’re doing, you feel like you’re constantly sucking up, your residents are mean or ignore you. I vowed to never be that type of resident.

And now that I’m a resident? I don’t know if I’m keeping that vow. The thing about intern year is that the learning curve is steep and the priorities are different. My presentations don’t have to be perfect and I don’t need to know what the mechanism of action of so and so is because I have ten patients to juggle (including the med students), and I’m more worried about the potential for one of them to crump / how I’m managing their care than I am about how much I’m impressing the attending. As a medical student, you can’t have that mindset because you’re shooting for that Honors. A medical student can be difficult to. There are some students who just get it. Others who don’t. More still who will probably get it later, as they get battered by third year. I’m an intern, so it’s hard for me to teach. But I do try to give them tips to help them do well!

Also, I’m at AMEC! So if you’re there too and think you see me, just say hi, it’ll only be a little awkward if you’re wrong! #hospital #patient #procreate #illustration #webcomic #resident #intern #pgy1 #medicine #residency #inpatient #doctor #relatable #womeninmedicine #blackdoctors #graphicmedicine #premed #premedmotivation #im #residency #internyear #internalmedicine #medschool #medicine #medicalschool #medlife #md #medstudents

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