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This is a very late Valentine’s Day comic but I started it before the 14th and a girl has been busy so it wasn’t about to be wasted.

Anyway, I keep a One Line A Day journal. It’s my most prized possession, and I’ve been writing in it everyday for the last four years. Here’s what I did for Valentine’s Day in that time:

2015- crashed after a long day at the @snahp_ (students for a national healthcare program) conference with my gyal linda 2016- finished making my toothless plushie then called my bro, and we moped and commiserated over how #foreveralone we were 2017- went to dinner with my friends Meme and Connie and had a grand old time after Ob-Gyn orientation

2018- watched like 4 episodes of the Crown with my dad (who actually does look that young) at home in Houston

This was a fun exercise, but it also reminded me how important love of all kinds is to the human experience! My friends and family are incredibly important to me, and have given me the kind of support that has been honestly invaluable- I don’t know if I could have made it through med school in one piece without them. When it comes to ~romantic love~, I didn’t really experience it for a long time. (It’s pretty rough out here dating for women in high powered fields, and ya girl is dark-skinned and black so… yay society lol) I’m 25 and this is the first year I’ve had a Valentine. And, as wonderful as he is, I’m happy that I’m experiencing it now, after years of being taught about how I should be treated by the many ride-or-dies in my life. . . . . . #medschool #medicine #medicalschool #ms3 #ms2 #ms1 #ms4 #surgery #obgyn #pediatrics #peds #clinic #familymed #clerkship #medlife #relatable #medstudent #uchicago #pritzker #psom #graphicmedicine #premed #valentinesday #vday #Residency

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